LCPM DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING        By Bishop Godson Kalu   



Course Overview

  1. Who is a Disciple?
  2. The Cost of Discipleship
  3. Commitment and Trust
  4. The Servant heart 1 & 2
  5. Motive for Service
  6. Growth Principles
  7. The Discipline of Faith
  8. The Purpose of the Church
  9. The Doctrines of the Christian Faith

Qualification for Discipleship

  1. You must be born again
  2. Have a good testimony
  3. Passed through the Believers Class
  4. Live a Godly lifestyle outside the church
  5. Have God’s leading to pursue the course
  6. Prepared to walk hard and study
  7. Willing to submit to the oversight of Leadership
  8. Willing to sacrifice your time, not only to gain knowledge but to use it for the Kingdom
  9. Have a Vision of where you are going.
  10. A determination to get there.

          Tools for the Course

  1. A Good Bible
  2. A Notebook
  3. A Good Bible commentary
  4. A Bible Dictionary / Concordance
  5. Pen and Pencil

Who will benefit in the Course?

  1. The Meek and humble – Ps.25:9
  2. The Willing – Is.1:19
  3. The Obedient – Is. 1:19
  4. The Faithful – Num.12:7; Prov.28:20; Matt.24:45; 1Cor.4:2
  5. The Diligent – Prov.10:4; 12:24 Apostle Paul said in 2Tim.2:15.


                                         LCPM DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING           


Discipleship             Lesson 1.  Course Overview

I sense our development is a process commanded by Jesus and modeled by Jesus.  Further, it was modeled specifically in His relationship with His disciples.  He spent three years with them before He sent them out to minister.Matt.4:19; Mk.3:13

I do not believe Jesus would have commanded us to become whole and perfect if He did not believe we had the power to become so through the Holy Spirit working in us. Phil.2:13, 12

The process Jesus created to develop the believers in Christ to become what God wanted them to be is called "discipleship." 

To become a disciple of Christ, the new Christian must move from a position of living life in the flesh as stated in Rom.8:5-8, Gal.3:1-3; 1Cor.3:1-4; and in Gal.5:17-21 to living life in the Spirit as you can see in Rom.8:9-14; Gal.5:16,22-24.

Only through God can this be accomplished.  God has a process outlined within His Word that all Christians must go through to become whole. That process we call it “Life Development Process” Here is an overview of the entire course. Matt.11:28-30


Levels      Classes                            Goal                        Commitment                     Ref.

100        Believers                 Knowing Christ         Committed to membership – Mtt.11:28

200        Discipleship            Growing in Christ      Committed to Spiritual maturity. V.29   

300        Leadership              Serving Christ            Committed to Ministry. V.29b

400        School of Ministry  Sharing Christ           Committed to Missions. V.29a,30


 Your responsibility as a disciple is to be submissive, teachable, obedient, and willing to go through this biblical process, and to yield to the Lord, so you can develop properly through the natural stages of growth (Matt.10:24-25).

As stated above,” Knowing Jesus” (or having intimate relationship with God) is the first stage in the development of a disciple.  Jesus demonstrated how to do this through His life and work with His disciples.  Paul stated that young Christians were like babies who need to be fed the milk of the Word of God.

"I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able" (I Corinthians 3:2). See also:Heb.5:12-14

Jesus desires for His children to move beyond the level of being totally dependent and spoon fed.  We all begin with milk and baby food.  But eventually, God desires for all men to mature to the point where they can eat and digest the meat of the Word, to become what God intended them to be. 

We will see very clearly, as we go through this course that just as babies grow and change to become responsible adults, so we too can become all God created us to be as we proceed through our spiritual walk.

The first stage in that spiritual growth process, or developmental process, is to develop a fully intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

That is the quest of every Christian. 

We desire to become mature and whole in God.

“To know Him” Phil.3:10-14; Matt.4:19; Ps. 92:12-14

Life Development Process: Level 200   Lesson 1


Who is a Disciple?

A Disciple is a scholar, a follower, a learner, an apprentice and one who receives or professes to receive instruction from another, but principally to the followers of Christ. A disciple of Christ is one who

(1.) Believes His doctrine, Matt.28:18-20; Act.20:20

(2.) Rests on His sacrifice, Matt.10:24-25a, Lk.14:26-27,33

(3.) Imbibes His spirit, and – Phil.2:5-8, Jn.15:1-8

(4.) Imitates His example – 1Pet.2:21; Matt.11:28-30

You can only become as much as you can follow and every follower becomes as his leader

Discipleship Classified: Matt.11:28-30

  1. Come unto Me………. The Place of New Birth
  2. Learn of Me…………… The Place of Discipleship
  3. Take my yoke…………The Place of Leadership
  1. Come unto Me………………… The Place of the New Believer

God’s expectation

  • Acknowledgement of your sins
  • Repenting from your sins
  • Confessing your sins to God
  • Accepting Jesus as Lord of your life
  • Thanking Him for coming into your life


  1. Learn of Me…………………….. The Place of Discipleship

          God’s expectation

  • Submission to the will of God ….…. Phil. 2:5-8
  • Obedience to God’s word…………...Matt.26:40
  • Humility to Him as your Lord………Phil.2:5-8
  • Loyalty to Spiritual authority………..Jn.5:19, 30
  • Commitment to the Lord………. …...Jn.4:34
  • Integrity in life and Ministry………...Jn.8:46


  1. Take my yoke………………….. The Place of Leadership

          God’s expectation

  • Being responsible…………………. 1Cor.4:1-2
  • Being reliable……………………… Phil.2: 20-22
  • Being available……………………. Phil.2:20-22
  • Being dependable………………….. Phil.2:21
  • Being controllable…………………..Tit.1:7; 2Tim.2:24
  • Being Teachable…………………… Matt.16:22-23; 2Tim3:7;4:3-4
  1. The Reward of Discipleship
  2. Revelation of God’s mysteries Mk.4:34
  3. Ability to hear God’s voice Jn.10:27
  4. Walking in the Light…………….Jn.8:12
  5. Divine Provision………………….Mk.10:29-30; Jn.15:7-8
  6. Divine Protection………………… Ps.91:1-16 6. Divine Power …… Mk.3:13-15

    Lesson 2    What is Discipleship all about? Mark 8:34-38.

      A disciple is one who have made a profession/acceptance of Faith in Christ  and believes  what He did on his behalf (1 Jn. 3:23; Acts 16:30-31) ·  Jesus said we are to deny ourselves. This means we are to surrender ourselves completely to Him. We are to identify with His character and with what He did on our behalf on the cross, and then, out of gratitude, follow Him wherever He leads us.

  1. The Characteristic of a Disciple
  • One who has accepted Jesus as the Lord of his life. 1 Cor.3:2; Rom. 8:9-17 
  • One who is willing to grow in Christ - 2 Pet.1:5-7; 3:18 
  • A disciple has surrendered his all to the Lord - Rom.8:28-32, 12; Gal. 2:20-21; Phil. 3:1-10; 1 Pet. 4:2 
  • A disciple makes good decisions and is focused on God’s will!  Heb.12:2
  • A disciple is honest with God and others! 1 John 1:9 
  • A disciple is willing to submit to Authority! 1 Peter 2:13-15 
  • A disciple is humble - Psalm 149:4; Prov. 3:34; Matt.18:4; Eph. 4:2-3; Col. 3:12-14; Phil. 2:3-4; 1 Pet.5:6; Jam.4:10 
  • A disciple is not critical or have a bad attitude! Rom.6:14; Eph. 4:29-32 
  • A disciple is not greedy! Lk. 12:15; Rom.12:14-15; 1 Cor. 13:4-5
  • A disciple is a listener! (Jam. 1:17-22) 
  • A disciple loves people and the lost! Mic. 6:8; Phil. 2:7; 2 Pet.3:9
  • He motivates and teaches others to pray and care for others! Mk .1:35-2:12
  • A disciple is willing to endure hardships and consider them as growth opportunities! Jam. 1:2-4; Gal.6:1-10 
  • A disciple is faithful! Matthew 25:29; Luke 16:10-12 
  • Discipleship is a lifestyle. Lk.9:23-24 Discipleship is not a one-time act. It is a change of heart, a change of character and direction for a lifetime. 

Life Development Process:  Lesson 3


Commitment and Trust:      Discipleship Study Read Luke 9:18–27, 57–62.


 Discipleship is all about commitment and trust.

Jesus never asked anyone to do anything without enabling them with the power to do it. Let this be you encouraging motive!  


Here are Questions to consider as a Disciple:

(1) If commitment to Christ is real, what kind of sacrifices might you have to be ready to make? (See Heb. 10:32–39; 2 Tim. 3:12; Phil. 3:7–11.)

(2) Where have you avoided sacrifice and hardship for Jesus?

(3) What is the key to overcome fear? Why is love the key? (1 Jn. 4:1618)?

(4) When you are confronted with a problem or a worry, what is the first thing you do? (5) Do you go immediately to Jesus, or do you do something else?

(6) Why might trust be the answer to life’s perplexities? Instead of trusting, how have you been guilty of “puzzling too long about the difficult questions of faith”? What fruit is borne when such puzzling occurs?


Leaving the Ground

There is no such thing as partial commitment. When the pilot of a giant airliner is speeding down the runway, there is a certain point where he cannot decide to remain on the ground. When he crosses that line, he is committed to the air, or the plane crashes disastrously. That pilot cannot change his mind when the plane is two-thirds of the way down the runway.

Unfortunately, our churches are filled with members who "have never left the ground." They have been sitting there for years and years gunning their engines.



Christ wants us to give him our entire selves. Augustine once said:

“If Christ is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all.” Read Luke 9:18–27, 57–62.

 Jesus speaks of different people who lived a divided, uncommitted life. Do you fall into any of these categories?

That means that you have your hand on the plough, but still looking back?

 Where is your heart? Are you undecided or divided? Here are the categories:

  1. The Uncommitted Disciple:- Lk.9:57-62
  • Those who are not willing to suffer for Christ (v. 24)
  • Those who want religion but also worldly lifestyle (v. 25)
  • Those who are afraid to stand publicly for Christ (v. 26)
  • Those who follow Christ so long as their physical needs are met (vv. 57–58)
  • Those who follow Christ as long as family obligations are met (vv.59–60)
  • Those who profess Christ but are still emotionally bound to loved ones (vv. 61– 62)

Jesus could have added to this list. Perhaps you struggle with something else. Whatever that tempts you to turn your gaze back disqualifies you as a disciple.

That means committing everything to Jesus and trusting him with all that we leave behind. How will you show Jesus that your eyes are now turned toward his kingdom?


Life Development Process:   Lesson 4


Topic: Growing Up in Christ:

Col.27-28; 2Pet.3:18; Ps.92:13-14; Eph.1:18


Aim and Why:

What is the aim of this training?

  1. To be like Christ
  2. To possess your possession in Christ
  3. To reign and rule in life for Christ
  4. To have victory over your enemies
  5. To escape the corruption of this world
  6. To avoid breakdown and backsliding
  1. To develop your spiritual capacity and resources

Growing in Grace

There is no fulfillment without growth in life, either physically or spiritually. Growth is essential to every attainment in life. All your desire and ambition can only be fulfilled in your growth. The first stage in that spiritual growth process is to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.


Why Do I need to grow spiritually?

  • In other to develop Maturity: 1Pet.2:1;2Pet.3:17-18
  • In other to develop Capacity: 1Cor.13:11, 4-6
  • In other to develop ability: Gal.4:1-2; Jam.1:1-4,21
  • In other to gain freedom: JN.8.31-32; Gal.4:2
  • In other to avoid failure and defeat: 2Pet. 2:9-10; 2Tim.2:15
  • In other to avoid spiritual barrenness 2Pet.1:8-9
  • In other to have total victory: Rom.6:1-16
  • In other to represent the Father on earth Gal.4:2-6


What can hinder spiritual Growth?

  1. Sin (spiritual sickness)  Result will be lose of appetite Heb.12:12
  2. Weight (excess luggage) Result will be lack of zeal and fire. ,,
  3. Improper feeding (malnutrition) result will be spiritual dryness
  4. Non-challant attitude (careless) Lk.8:5
  5. Pride…………………………………  Jam.4:6
  6. Self centeredness (carnality) ………….Gal.5:7-8
  7. Competitive spirit………………………..2Cor.10:12
  8. Living by the law…………………………. Rom.3:20
  9. Demonic oppression……………………… Gal.5:1


Steps to Spiritual Growth

  1. Levels of growth (3 Levels of Growth)

There are three groups of people in the church: 1Jn.2:12-14

  • Infant Believer….. 1Jn.2:12, Requirement … Milk of the word. 1Pet.2:2 (Promises of God) 3Jn.2; Eph.2:8-10; Ps.23, 91, Is.53:1-6
  • Young Believer …1Jn.2:14b, Requirement … Meat of the word. Cor.3:2, 10:3. (The Doctrines of God) Matt.5:1-16; Jn.13:34-35,
  • Adult Believer …Jn.2:13,14a, Requirement … Strong meat of the word. Heb.5:14 (The Cross of Christ) Lk.9:23-24, Gal.2:20-21; Rom.6:6.


  1. Discipleship Level: Becoming more like Jesus

Lk.9:23-26; Heb.2:9-15; Rom.8:29; 1Pet.2:9-10

     They are: infants, Youths, Fathers


God the Father desires growth just like our natural parents will desire from their children. Growth can come through these three natural ways, namely: Proper feeding, exercise and knowledge

  • In other to understand the mysteries of God’s will. Rom.12:1-2




  1. Balanced diet  (The Word of God)
  1. Milk of the word 1Pet.2:2; Heb.6:1-3……. Foundational Teachings
  2. Meat of the Word 5:12-13…………...Doctrines of the Word
  3. Strong meat 5:14……………………Cross of Christ

    Method of Feeding (fivefold)

  1. Studying
  2. Reading
  3. Meditating
  4. Memorizing
  5. Hearing


  1. Fresh Oxygen : 1Thes.5:17; Jn.15:5
  1. Prayer -
  2. Petition -
  3. Intercession -
  4. Supplication -
  5. Dedication -
  6. Warfare -
  1. Spiritual Exercise: 1 Tim.4:8
  • Evangelism
  1. Personal Testimony
  2. Personal evangelism
  3. Mass evangelism
  4. Visitation
  5. Power evangelism
  6. Media and Publication
  7. Tract distribution / Letter


  1. Body Excretory: 2Cor.7:1

            Eliminating waste matter from the body: Heb.12:1; Prov.28:13

  1. Repentance……… rooting out sin
  2. Brokenness………. Breaking up the fallow ground. Hos.10:12
  3. Forgiveness……….. Letting go every offence   Mk.11:25-26
  4. Renunciation……..  Separating from every negative involvement

















  1. Our Purpose Statement: Why we exist
  2. Our Vision Statement: What we intend to do
  3. Our Faith Statement: What we believe
  4. Our Values Statement: What we practice




  1. Brief history of L.C.B.C.
  2. Who are we trying to reach (our target)
  3. Our Life Development Process to help you grow
  4. The L.C.B.C. Strategy




  1. How our Church is organized for growth
  2. Our affiliation
  3. What it means to be a member
  4. What is my next step after joining?


IV.       THE L.C.B.C. QUIZ




  1. What is a church?
  2. What are the purposes for the Church?
  3. What are the benefits of being members?
  4. What are the requirements for membership?
  5. What are the responsibilities of membership?
  6. What is the vision of this Church?
  7. What is the strategy for realizing that vision?
  8. How is the Church organized for growth?
  9. How can I get involved in ministry?
  10. What do I do now that I am a member?



The Church, which is Christ’s body, consists of all regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the Blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy Spirit.  Christians are called out from the world system to be “in Christ”.



Although many passages in the bible describe what the Church is to be and do, the statements by Jesus summarizes it all: the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19-20) plus the Great commitment. (Jn.9:4; Mk.16:20)


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your Soul and with all your mind…Love your neighbor as yourself.  All the law and prophets hang on these two commandments.  Matthew 22:37-40


Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20


And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.


The great commandment was given by Jesus in response to a question.  One day, Jesus was asked to identify the most important commandment.  He responded by saying, “Here is the entire old testament in a nutshell.  All the law and the prophets can be condensed in two tasks:  Love God with all you heart and Love your neighbor as Yourself”.  Later, in some of his last words to his disciples, Jesus gave the Great Commission to them and assigned them three more tasks: Go make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey everything he had taught, and later we can see them all going out in obedience.


These three passages summarize everything we do in Life Changing Power Ministry.  If an activity or program fulfills one of these commands, we do it.  If it doesn’t we don’t.  We are to be driven by the great Commandment and the great Commission.  Together, they give us the Primary tasks the Church is to focus on until Christ returns.


“A great commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church!”

           LESSON 7.

The Five Purposes of the Church

Our  Church is committed to fulfilling all five tasks that Christ ordained for his Church to accomplish.



The word that described this purpose is worship; the Church exists to worship God.  How do we love God?  with all our hearts.  By worshiping him! It doesn’t matter if we are by ourselves, with a small group, or with 100,000 people.  When we express our love to God, we’re worshiping.

The Bible says, “worship the Lord your God and serve him only” (Matthew 4:10).  Notice that worship comes before service.  Worshiping God is the Church’s first purpose.  Sometimes we get so busy working for God; we don’t have time to express our love for him through worship.


Throughout the scripture we’re commanded to celebrate God’s presence by magnifying the Lord and exalting his name.  Psalm 34:3 says, “O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together”. We shouldn’t worship out of duty; we should enjoy expressing our Love to God.




The word we use to describe this purpose is ministry.  The Church exists to minister to people.  Ministry is demonstrating God’s Love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus.  Each time you reach out in Love to others you are ministering to them.  The Church is to minister to all kinds of needs; Spiritual, emotional, relational and physical.

Jesus said that even a cup of Cold water given in his name was considered as ministry and would not go unrewarded.  The Church is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

No one in the Church is exempt from ministry.  Every member is a minister and should be actively involved in one kind of ministry or another.  Those who sit idle only get soaked and then sour spiritually.  We have attached a list of ministry opportunities available in the Church to help you identify where you belong.  Peradventure you have a ministry that is not yet included in the list, the Church will help you start the ministry if you forward your application.


Purpose 3:      GO AND MAKE DICIPLES


This purpose we call evangelism.  The Church exists to communicate God’s word.  We are ambassadors of Christ, and our mission is to evangelize the world.  The word go in the Great Commission is a present participle in the Greek text.  It should read “as you are going”.  It is every Christian’s responsibility to share the Good News wherever we go.  We are to tell the whole world of Christ’s coming, his death on the Cross, his resurrection, and his promise to return.  Someday each of us will give an account to God regarding how seriously we took this responsibility.

The task of evangelism is so important, Christ actually gave us five Great Commissions, one in each of the gospels, and one in the book of Acts.  In Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:47-49, John 20:21, and Act 1:8 Jesus Commissions us to go and tell the whole world the whole message of Salvation.


Evangelism is more than our responsibility: it is our great privilege.  We are invited to be a part of bringing people into God’s eternal family.  I don’t know of a more significant cause to give one’s life to.  If you knew the cure for AIDS or Cancer, I’m sure you would do everything you could to get the news out.  It would save millions of lives.  But you already know something better: You have been given the Gospel of eternal life to share, which is the greatest news of all!


Purpose 4:      Baptizing Them


In the Greek text of the Great Commission there are three present participle verbs: going, baptizing, and teaching.  Each of these is a part of the command to “make disciples”.


Going, baptizing and teaching are the essential elements of the disciple making process.  At first glance you might wonder why the Great Commission gives the same prominence to the simple act of baptism as it does to the great task of evangelism and edification.  Obviously, Jesus did not mention it by accident.  Why is baptism so important to warrant inclusion in Christ’s Great Commission? I believe it is because it symbolizes one of the purposes of the Church: Fellowship- identification with the body of Christ.


As Christians we are called to belong, not just to believe. We are not meant to be alone but rather to belong to Christ’s family and a member of His body – the Church. Baptism is not only a symbol of Salvation, it is a symbol of fellowship.




As a Church we are called not only to reach people, but also to teach them. This is what we call Discipleship. The Church exists to edify, or educate God’s people. Discipleship is the process of helping people become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This process begins when a person is born again and continues throughout the rest of his life. Col.1:28




Here in Life Changing we use five key words to summarize Christ’s five purpose for the church.

  • We celebrate God’s presence in worship
  • We communicate God’s word through evangelism
  • We incorporate God’s family into our fellowship
  • We educate God’s people through discipleship
  • We demonstrate God’s love through service



We are called to change lives though the word and by the power of Spirit of God, preparing God’s people for heaven.



To free and empower individuals and families to discover through discipleship, education, and training thereby maturing them in life and ministry, bringing glory to God through their Godly lifestyle.


The Christian life involves more than just believing – it also includes belonging. We grow in Christ by being in relationship to other Christians. Rom.12:10; Rom.12:4-5; 1Cor.12:12-27; Any organ that is detached from the body will die quickly. The same is true for Christians that are uncommitted to any specific congregation.



    1. We are committed to care for you.
    2. We have a place for you here.
    3. We have your colleagues here
    4. We are here to empower you
    5. You are of great value to us



There are numerous benefits to membership:

  1. It identifies you as a genuine believer (Eph.2:19; Rom.12:5)
  2. It provides a spiritual family to support and encourage you in faith(Heb.10:22-25)
  3. It gives you a place to discover and use your gift in ministry (1Cor.12:4-27)
  4. It places you under the protection of Godly leaders (Heb.13:17; Act.20:28-29)
  5. It gives you the accountability you need to grow in faith. (Eph.5:21)


It is important to note that the church provides you with benefits you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Here are the classified Benefits

  1. Worship – Worship help you focus on God. It prepares you spiritually and emotionally for the week ahead. It also empowers you for any foreseeing battle.
  2. Fellowship – Fellowship helps face life’s problems by providing the support and encouragement of other Christians.
  3. Discipleship – Discipleship helps you fortify your faith by learning the truth of God’s Word and applying biblical principles to your lifestyle.
  4. Ministry – Ministry helps you find and develop your talents and use them in serving others.
  5. Evangelism – Evangelism helps you fulfill your mission of reaching your friends and family for Christ.


The Greatest Desire For You

There are great abilities that people acquire, cultivate and demonstrate. In the service of God there is one ability that is the greatest ability of all. What is it? Is it sociability, compatibility, accountability, adaptability, availability or reliability?

The greatest ability is availability. If we are not available to God, no matter what other kind of ability we have, it is no good. Ability without availability is a liability.

What does availability mean? It means to place one's self totally, absolutely, completely at God's disposal for Him to do anything and everything He wants to do in us, through us, with us, for us, when He chooses. Anything less than that is putting restrictions on God and writing fine print in your commitment contract to Jesus Christ.



  1. We believe in one God, maker of all things and being in the Trinity of Father , Son and Holy Spirit
  2. We believe that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, became incarnate, was begotten by the Holy Spirit, born by the virgin Mary, and is true God and true man.
  3. We believe the Bible, in its entirety, to be the inspired Word of God and the only rule of faith and conduct. 2Tim.3:16,17; 2Pet.1:20,21.
  4. We believe in one God and in the Godhead consisting of Three Distinct Persons i.e Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. 1Jn.5:7; Rom.1:20; act.17:29
  5. We believe in the resurrection of the dead, the eternal happiness of the saved, and the eternal punishment of the lost.
  6. We believe in the Crucifixion, dead, burial and bodily/spiritual resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jn.19:20,40,41; 20:1-10
  7. We believe in personal salvation of believers through the shed blood of Christ.
  8. We believe in sanctification by the blood of Christ, in personal holiness of heart and life, and in separation from the world: yielding ones will entirely to the Lord.
  9. We believe that salvation is by grace through repentance towards God and faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Eph.2:8-9; Act.20:21; Gal.3:15; Rom.6:6,11
  10. We believe in personal holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Heb.12:14; 1Pet.1:15-16; Lev.11:14
  11. We believe in water baptism by immersion in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit after repentance. Matt.28:19; Mk.16:15-16; Rom.6:3-4
  12. We believe in divine healing and deliverance from evil spirits, through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross and is included in the Atonement.
  13. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by the initial physical sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance, (Act.2:4) as distinct from the new birth, and in the nine gifts of the Spirit (1Cor.12:1-12)
  14. We believe in the Lord’s Supper which must be taken worthily in obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus Christ for all believers. 1Cor.11:23-29; Lk.22:17-20.
  15. We believe in the Christian’s hope – the imminent, personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ, is also called the Rapture of the Saints (Act.1:11; 1Cor.15:51-52; 1Thes.4:15-18.
  16. We believe in the great Tribulation, otherwise called the Time of Jacobs Trouble. Matt.24:21; 1Thes.3:3; Rev.13:11-17; Jer.20:7.
  17. We believe in the New Heaven and the New Earth where righteousness will forever reign. Rev.21:1; 2Pet.3:13; Is.66:22
  18. We believe in intensive world evangelization and missionary work in accordance with great commission, with signs following. Matt.28:19-20; Mk.16:15-21
  19. We believe in the divine institution of the Assembling of God’s children and the bearing of one another’s burden. Heb.10:25; Jn.13:15; Heb.13:3; Gal.6:2,9,10
  20. We believe in tithes, offerings, first fruits and seed faith as part of worship and service to God. Mal.3:8-12; Deut.14:22; 2Cor.9:6,7; Prov.3:9-10
  21. We believe in the Discipline upon erring members in accordance with the Word of God. 1Cor.5:5; 2Tim.4:2; Tit.3:10,11; Heb.12:9-11.
  22. We believe also in all aspect of life, the Bible has the final say for it. Is.40:8; 2Tim.3:16, 17.


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