LCPM DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING             

                                     (Raising up end-time Leaders)

                                        By Bishop Godson Kalu



I sense our development is a process commanded by Jesus and modeled by Jesus.  Further, it was modeled specifically in His relationship with His disciples.  He spent three years with them before He sent them out to minister.Matt.4:19; Mk.3:13

I do not believe Jesus would have commanded us to become whole and perfect if He did not believe we had the power to become so through the Holy Spirit working in us. Phil.2:13, 12

The process Jesus created to develop the believers in Christ to become what God wanted them to be is called "discipleship." 

To become a disciple of Christ, the new Christian must move from a position of living life in the flesh as described by Apostle Paul in Gal.3:1-3, and in 1Cor. 3:1-5 to living life in the Spirit, as described  in Gal.5:16, and in Rom.8:9-14. The result of this will be living in the light and manifesting sonship in God. Jn.8:12

Only through God can this be accomplished.  God has a process outlined within His Word that all Christians must go through to become whole. This process is what we call in Life Changing “Life Development Process”. Your responsibility as a Christian is to be submissive, obedient, and willing to go through this biblical process, and to yield to the Lord, so they can develop properly through the natural stages of growth.


  An Overview of the Course: Matt.11:28-30

Levels                Class                         Goal                            Commitment

100          Believers                   Knowing Christ           Committed to Membership

200          Discipleship              Growing in Christ        Committed to Spiritual maturity

300          Leadership                Serving Christ              Committed to Ministry  

400          School of Ministry    Sharing Christ              Committed to Missions


As stated above,” being with Jesus” (or having intimate relationship with God) is the first stage in the development of a disciple.  Jesus demonstrated how to do this through His life and work with His disciples.  Paul stated that young Christians were like babies who need to be fed the milk of the Word.

"I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able" (I Corinthians 3:2).

Jesus desires for His children to move beyond the level of being totally dependent and spoon fed.  We all begin with milk and baby food.  But eventually, God desires for all men to mature to the point where they can eat and digest the meat of the Word, to become what God intended them to be. 

We will see very clearly, as we go through this course that just as babies grow and change to become responsible adults, so we too can become all God created us to be as we proceed through our spiritual walk.

The first stage in that spiritual growth process, or developmental process, is to develop a fully intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

That is the quest of every Christian. 

We desire to become mature and whole in God.

“To know Him” Phil.3:10-14; Matt.4:19; Ps. 92:12-14



A Disciple is a scholar, a follower, a learner, and one who receives or professes to receive instruction from another, but principally to the followers of Christ. A disciple of Christ is one who

(1.) Believes His doctrine, Matt.28:18-20; Act.20:20

(2.) Rests on His sacrifice, Matt.10:24-25a, Lk.14:26-27,33

(3.) Imbibes His spirit, and – Phil.2:5-8, Jn.15:1-8

(4.) Imitates His example – 1Pet.2:21; Matt.11:28-30

You can only become as much as you can follow and every follower becomes as his leader


Discipleship Classified: Matt.11:28-30

  1. Come unto Me………. The Place of New Birth
  2. Learn of Me…………… The Place of Discipleship
  3. Meek and Lowly………The Place of Leadership
  4. Take My Yoke…………The Place of Missions


  1. Come unto Me………………… The Place of New of New Birth

God’s expectation

  • Acknowledgement of your sins
  • Repenting from your sins
  • Confessing your sins to God
  • Accepting Jesus as Lord of your life
  • Thanking Him for coming into your life


  1. Learn of Me…………………….. The Place of Discipleship

          God’s expectation

  • Submission to the will of God ….…. Phil. 2:5-8
  • Obedience to God’s word………….Matt.26:40
  • Humility as your Lord……….. Phil.2:5-8
  • Loyalty to Spiritual authority…Jn.5:19, 30
  • Commitment to the Lord………. Jn.4:34
  • Integrity in life and Ministry……………. Jn.8:46


  1. Take my yoke………………….. The Place of Leadership

          God’s expectation

  • Being responsible…. 1Cor.4:1-2
  • Being reliable…… Phil.2: 20-22
  • Being available….. Phil.2:20-22
  • Being dependable…. Phil.2:21
  • Being controllable… Tit.1:7; 2Tim.2:24
  • Being Teachable… Matt.16:22-23; 2Tim3:7;4:3-4

Discipleship Study Read Luke 9:18–27, 57–62.

Commitment and Trust


  1. If commitment to Christ is real, what kind of sacrifices might you have to be ready to make? (See Heb. 10:32–39; 2 Tim. 3:12; Phil. 3:7–11.)

 Where have you avoided sacrifice and hardship for Jesus?

  1. What is the key to overcoming fear? Why is love the key to overcoming fear (1 Jn. 4:16 –18)?
  2. When you are confronted with a problem or a worry, what is the first thing you do? Do you go immediately to Jesus, or do you do something else?
  3. Why might trust be the answer to life’s perplexities? Instead of trusting, how have you been guilty of “puzzling too long about the difficult questions of faith”? What fruit is borne when such puzzling occurs?


Christ wants us to give him our entire selves. Augustine once said:

“If Christ is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all.” Read Luke 9:18–27, 57–62.

 Jesus speaks of different people who lived a divided, uncommitted life. Do you fall into any of these categories?


That means that you have your hand on the plough, but still looking back?

 Where is your heart? Are you undecided or divided? Here are the categories:


  • Those who are not willing to suffer for Christ (v. 24)
  • Those who want religion but also worldly lifestyle (v. 25)
  • Those who are afraid to stand publicly for Christ (v. 26)
  • Those who follow Christ so long as their physical needs are met (vv. 57–58)
  • Those who follow Christ as long as family obligations are met (vv.59–60)
  • Those who profess Christ but are still emotionally bound to loved ones (vv. 61– 62)

Jesus could have added to this list. Perhaps you struggle with something else. Whatever tempts you to turn your gaze back.


That means committing everything to Jesus and trusting him with all that we leave behind. How will you show Jesus that your eyes are now turned toward his kingdom?


The Reward of Discipleship

  1. Revelation of God’s mysteries Mk.4:34
  2. Ability to hear God’s voice Jn.10:27
  3. Walking in the Light…………….Jn.8:12
  4. Divine Provision………………….Mk.10:29-30; Jn.15:7-8
  5. Divine Protection………………… Ps.91:1-16
  6. Divine Power ……………………… Mk.3:13-15


Topic: Growing Up in Christ:

Col.27-28; 2Pet.3:18; Ps.92:13-14; Eph.1:18


Aim and Why:

What is the aim of this training?

  1. To be like Christ
  2. To possess your possession in Christ
  3. To reign and rule in life for Christ
  4. To have victory over your enemies
  5. To escape the corruption of this world
  6. To avoid breakdown and backsliding
  1. To develop your spiritual capacity and resources


What can hinder spiritual Growth?

  1. Sin (spiritual sickness)  Result will be lose of appetite Heb.12:1
  2. Weight (excess luggage) Result will be lack of zeal and fire. ,,
  3. Improper feeding (malnutrition) result will be spiritual dryness
  4. Non-challant attitude (careless) Lk.8:5
  5. Pride…………………………………………….. Jam.4:6
  6. Self centeredness (carnality) Gal.5:7-8
  7. Competitive spirit………………………..2Cor.10:12
  8. Living by the law…………………………. Rom.3:20
  9. Demonic oppression……………………… Gal.5:1


Steps to Spiritual Growth

  1. Levels of growth


  1. Discipleship Level: Becoming more like Jesus

Lk.9:23-26; Heb.2:9-15; Rom.8:29; 1Pet.2:9-10

There are three groups of people in the church: 1Jn.2:12-14

     They are: infants, Youths, Fathers


God the Father desires growth just like our natural parents will desire from their children. Growth can come through these three natural ways, namely: Proper feeding, exercise and knowledge


Growth Benefits and Why

  • In other to develop Maturity: 1Pet.2:1;2Pet.3:17-18
  • In other to develop Capacity: 1Cor.13:11, 4-6
  • In other to develop ability: Gal.4:1-2; Jam.1:1-4,21
  • In other to gain freedom: JN.8.31-32; Gal.4:2
  • In other to avoid failure and defeat: 2Pet. 2:9-10; 2Tim.2:15
  • In other to avoid spiritual barrenness 2Pet.1:8-9
  • In other to have total victory: Rom.6:1-16
  • In other to represent the Father on earth Gal.4>2-6
  • In other to understand the mysteries of God’s will. Rom.12:1-2



How Do We Grow in Grace?




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