The Vision of Godson Kalu

The Vision of Godson Kalu

By: Rev. Kith and Rev Dan Divine

New York City, U.S.A



Without vision the people perish, as the Bible declares, yet such vision is clearly lacking in the world today, even in God’s Church.  Reverend Godson Kalu is a man of vision, wrought through his deeply intimate relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.



The Four Visions


The Lord Jesus Christ has appeared to Godson Kalu personally on four separate occasions: the first in 1977 when Kalu received his initial call into Christian ministry and was anointed with power to set the captives free.  The second occasion was in 1979 when Christ stood in a cloud saying, “come up, come up to me”. In this vision, Kalu saw himself leaving his body back on the bed and ascending up to heaven.  Christ led him by hand to a large hall where many saints were gathered.  Kalu questioned, “who are these?” Jesus replied, “they are my children from all parts of the world.  “with a second, more careful look, Kalu saw some of the brethren that he knew in Nigeria, all of them rejoicing and clapping their hands.  Continuing on from there, Kalu was led our to the pavement where the lord stopped down and opened something akin to a window on the floor, pulling him closer to see… Looking through, he could see the whole world- the planes, trains, cars, and people.  Then The Lord narrowed the vision to just His Church.  Simultaneously, he could see thousands of churches – yet without roofs on them.  It was as if he had super x-ray vision.  At that point, Christ revealed to Rev. Godson Kalu a small glimpse of the Rapture, with millions of saints being take up to the Heaven lies.  What rejoicing there was in this revelation of the not-too-distant future.   Yet what he was to see next not only tempered such joy but brought profound horror.   Christ proceeded to further narrow the vision until only Kalu’s local church could be seen.  Despite the clear depiction of a desperately praying people, most of the congregation  were still there- on Earth, after the Rapture!  Kalu nervously turned to ask the lord why those people were still there.  The reply was a stem and resonating warning for all:, “they are there because they  were not ready.  “Then He commissioned him to go and preach His word, telling the people to prepare for His return, and concluding, “I have called you and ordained you a prophet to nations”.

Again, the Lord appeared to Kalu in 1980, the third appearance.  It was yet another vision of the rapture in which Christ, accompanied by many angels stretched out His hands urging: “come up my people! The lord insisted that he should resign his appointment with the electronics Company where he was working as service manager.  The Lord said Son, obey my call upon your life”.

The last and most powerful of the four divine encounters Kalu had was in 1986.  In that vision, he passed through a large farm to a church (which symbolized Onward Christian Life Ministry).

Passing through the church.  The Lord said to him:  “this is your place, occupy till I come” In Kalu’s own words: “ And behold there was a knife in my hand and with it I started clearing the land of weeds.

This vision the lord has fulfilled to the letter.  Kalu spent time “passing through” Onward Christian Life Ministry for three years and was later apportioned a place for his church- directly on the church’s left hand side! All this happened by the Lord’s divine arrangement. Praise the Lord!


The early years


Godson Kalu was born into the Kingdom of Heaven at the age of 17 years in 1971 immediately after the civil war in Nigeria under the Assemblies of God Church in his hometown, Ututu, in Abia State of Nigeria.  He grew rapidly in the church, faithfully serving the Lord with all his heart in every area of ministry assigned him.


Later Years


In April 1986 the Lord appeared to him again, after many years work in Deeper Life Bible Church as a co-pastor calling him to resign from whatevere he was doing into full time ministry.  God dire

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