The power of strategic relationships

Rom 10:15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

The Lord called me to change lives with Kingdom values and principle, thereby establishing and empowering them in Christ through discipleship. Early this year a got another word saying, “Son, I called you to plant kingdom values and principles in every sphere in society”.
You know that is not possible if I remain within the four walls of the local Church, and I believe that is why He is leading me to call for Kingdom Partners like you to join me in fulfilling this assignment in the kingdom.
By God’s grace I know what God has deposited in me over the years for the Church of Christ and the Nations of the world but it has been restricted and hindered because of my background of not wanting to be a burden to anyone. But God must have His way in my life, for His purpose to be fulfilled. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had Kingdom Partners as you can see in Luke 8:2-3. Here are some of the reasons why you need to support this noble kingdom assignment:

Reasons why you need to partner with us – Matt.25:34-45

1. God called me to change lives through Kingdom values and principles.
2. I cannot fulfil it within the Church walls but outside there in society.
3. I need to make use of the available social media and networks.
4. I need to reach out through Radio and Television in order to build a system that will take care of so many ills in society where we live.
5. I have a great burden for the drug addicts and the homeless in the society.
6. I have open doors in some African Countries to do the above ministry there also.
7. I have been graced to raise an end-time gospel army through leadership seminars.
8. The Lord also called me to bring revival and release to His people worldwide.
9. As I was in Uganda last month, I discovered the lack of proper mentorship among Pastors and Church Leaders. I decided to start a Mentorship program in most of the African countries.
10. I have great burden for the widows and the needy in our communities.
11. We hope to build rehabilitation centers for the abandoned people in the Society.
12. Also, I have a vision of a Mobile Hospital that can travel to our rural areas.

To be able to fulfil all these, I need partners who can monthly or yearly support this noble Kingdom project. God is in dare need of you at this time to help Him accomplish the above and much more.


1 You will shares in the Heavenly reward for the Souls won and lives changed.
2 I will personally pray for you and your needs every day.
3 In my monthly Solitude I will present you and concerns before God.
4 I will be available to Counsel and Mentor you where necessary.
5 I will stand as an additional covering over your life, Family and Business.
6 God’s hand and favour upon my life will also be upon you.
7 You will receive our monthly update and Newsletter.
8 You will become part of a global family that cares for each other
9 You will also have the opportunity to travel with me for ministry within and outside the country
10 You will take part in our yearly Home Coming Conference.

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Beloved of God, I personally want to appreciate those of you who has stood with me over the years, encouraging and supporting me in this ministry, the Lord will reward and keep you and your generation.

Here are the Account details to forward your Support:
Bishop Godson O. Kalu, Zenith Bank – 2178261513; First Bank Nig – 3038684268.


Yours in His Vineyard,

Bishop Godson Kalu

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