Bishop Godson Kalu

Bishop Godson Kalu

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LCPM 2020 Prophetic Declaration

2020 is my prophetic rainbow year. It is my year of Jubilee, Restoration, Recovery and Abundance. 2020 is my reigning year when God shall perfect everything concerning me. There will be no more poverty, lack, pain, sorrow, tears and death. In 2020, the enemy shall have no power over my life. Because I am hidden under the strong arm of the God of life and immortality, I am unstoppable and untouchable. In 2020, the Lord will surely supply all my needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. I will lend and not borrow. Whatever I lay my hands to do will blossom and prosper. In 2020, I will not fail, I will be healthy and rich from January to December. I will not die, and nothing shall die around me. 2020 is a remarkable year in my life. Nothing shall be impossible for me. You are welcome to your Year of Jubilee, Restoration and Recovery

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